1. These Park Rules and Regulations must be considered in conjunction with the Holiday Pitch Licence Agreement.DEFINITION OF MOBILE HOME
    The legal definition of a mobile home is any structure designed or adapted for people to live in which is capable of being moved from one place to another (whether by being towed or by being transported on a motor vehicle or trailer) and any motor vehicle so designed or adapted. This does not include tents.A mobile home cannot be considered as an “only or main residence” that is, you cannot use a mobile home on this holiday park as your main or only home.

    It is not permitted to use a mobile home as a principal residence to claim benefits of any sorts. Any person doing so will be asked to leave the park.


    Rockhill Holiday Park head office is based at Rockhill Holiday Park, Kerrykeel, Letterkenny, Co. Donegal. Telephone 00353 74 91 50012.

  3. Rockhill Holiday Park provides onsite daily management throughout the season with 24hour security during peak season.
  4. The park currently provides shop, café, laundry, games room, tourist information room, outdoor leisure facilities, 0-4 indoor play area, arts and craft room and public telephone facilities. These facilities are open during high season. Rockhill Park reserve the right to close these facilities to undertake construction or maintenance. We endeavour to keep these closures to a minimum.
  5. Electricity is billed at the end of each summer season. Failure to pay for electricity may result in your supply been discontinued and you may be asked to leave the park.
  6. CCTV is in operation at all times throughout the park -this is for your safety and security.
  7. Winter storage is free.
  8. Rockhill Holiday Park staff will treat all mobile home owners and their families with courtesy and respect.
  9. Rockhill Holiday Park is a ”family-only” park. Persons aged under 18 years are not permitted to occupy the mobile home without parental supervision.
  10. The Pitch
    The Holiday Home Owner must accept the pitch offered. If you would like to change your site please inform park management in writing who will facilitate your needs. Please note a fee will be required for removal and set up of mobile on new site.
  11. Should you wish to renew or change your Holiday Home it is essential that you notify the Park Owners in writing of your intention. An exchange made without prior consultation with the Park Manager could lead to the situation arising whereby the Park would be unable to accommodate your Holiday Home on the park.
  12. Patio areas/verandas and decking are permitted around your Holiday Home subject to permission being obtained and the layout, position and dimensions being approved by the Park Management. Decking cannot block car parking areas.
  13. The Holiday Home Owner is responsible for keeping the area immediately surrounding their Holiday Home in a clean and tidy condition. No items or materials should be stored under the Holiday Home. All refuse and litter should be deposited in the recycling bins or the household waste compactor.
  14. From September 2014 all replacement storage boxes or sheds must be of metal or suitable construction and must be of a size and colour approved by the Park Owners. They must only be sited at the rear of the Holiday Home unless otherwise authorised by the Park Management. All storage boxes and sheds must be securely anchored to a concrete or slab base. And not blocking car parking
  15. Annual Site Fees
    The annual park fee or deposit is due when stated and no extensions will be allowed unless previously agreed with Chris Carberry directly. Failure to pay by the stated date will render the mobile home owners claim to any pitch invalid and the proprietors shall be entitled to re let the pitch to an alternative client and remove your mobile home from the park.
  16. Leisure Membership
    Any mobile home owner wishing to use the facilities, amenities and organised activities must provide Rockhill Park with accurate and up to date details of their immediate family.We would advise all mobile home owners that the site licence is provided on the basis that the park facilities, amenities and organised activities are for the benefit of the Mobile Home owner and immediate family only, Excludes cousins, Aunts Uncles in laws etc. only immediate Family
  17. Guests
    We fully appreciate you may wish to invite family and friends to use your mobile home throughout the season and we welcome guests onto the park. However in the interests of fairness for all mobile home owners we must implement the following rules with regard to guests. Priority to access activities and facilities will be given to mobile home owners and their immediate family only. All other visitors will have to pay for activities. The leisure membership policy is currently under review and may be subject to change in the future
  18. Residents are responsible for the behaviour of visitors and any anti social behaviour will be the responsibility of the resident and will lead to both the removal of the offender and the mobile owner.
  19. External Structures
    All mobile homes must be skirted. This is to prevent children climbing under mobile homes.
  20. In the interests of Health and Safety residents are not permitted to skirt their own mobile or hire a contractor to undertake this work.
  21. It is not permitted for any resident(s) to erect or build decking, steps, fencing, garden sheds, patios or construction of any sort outside the mobile home. Any such construction must be discussed and approved by Chris Carberry. Any approved construction must be carried out directly by Rockhill Holiday Park.
  22. All caravans must have purpose-built steps constructed of wood, metal or plastic.
  23. For safety reasons it is not permitted to put stakes of any type into the tarmacadam or grass.
  24. Holiday Home & Holiday Home Equipment
    The Holiday Home must be kept in a good state of repair with tyres inflated and wheels, hitch, and corner steadies in working order.
  25. All Holiday Homes must be fitted with a smoke detector, fire extinguisher and fire blanket and these must be kept serviced and in good working order. Tents are not permitted
  26. Any heating or cooking appliances used in the Holiday Home must comply with the appropriate European Standards in relation to construction, installation and ventilation. Portable BBQs are not permitted at all
  27. Any fixed ventilation in the Holiday Home must not be obstructed, blocked over or replaced by closeable (hit and miss) type vents.
  28. The Holiday Home may not be used to accommodate any number of persons in excess of the number of berths contained within the Holiday Home, except for children below the age of three accommodated in cots.
  29. A spare set of keys can be left at the office for your Holiday Home. This is for emergency purposes and no charge is made. A letter of authorization for us to hold your keys should be provided. If you are arranging for a guest or any individual to access you mobile we would advise you to phone us in advance.
  30. In the interests of Health and Safety drying lines are not permitted.
  31. Privately owned large external toys including swings, slides, see saws are not permitted anywhere on the park
  32. The erection of permanent fences, tents, windbreaks or similar structures is forbidden. All portable canvas windbreaks must be taken down each night.
  33. Tents, motorcaravans and caravans are not permitted on the park.
  34. Portable BBQS are not permitted on Rockhill as they are very dangerous and can cause death. Gas, inflammable fuels or liquids must not be stored in the Holiday Home. All gas bottles must be located OUTSIDE the Holiday Home in a secure upright position. If you store your gas bottles in an outside storage box the Fire Officer has stated it must be clearly labelled with a large LPG gas sign and have low level ventilation.
  35. Vehicles
    Vehicles must only be driven by licensed drivers.
  36. Holiday Home users should park at the door side of the Holiday Home – it is not permitted to park or drive on the grass areas around the park.
  37. The l0kph speed limit must be observed at all times. Any owners or guests who persistently ignore this speed limit will not be allowed to drive on the Park, and may be requested to leave the Park.
  38. The servicing/repairing/washing or selling of any vehicles on the Park is prohibited.
  39. General
    The digging of holes, soakaways or drainage ditches is prohibited. Please do not allow your children to dig up earth or sand on the Park.
  40. The lighting of fires is not permitted on any areas of Rockhill Holiday Park.
  41. Properly constructed barbeques may be used on private decking providing they are used in a safe manner.
  42. The use of firearms or air guns is not permitted on any areas of Rockhill Holiday Park.
  43. The use of engine driven generators is not permitted.
  44. The proprietors are not responsible for any accident arising from anyone falling off walls or fences, buildings, toilet-blocks, or any other buildings, or trees etc. or for any accident arising in connection with ditches, rabbit holes, streams, marl holes, lakes, sea etc. or in fact for any accident of any type which may occur on our land or on any adjoining land, or on the beach.
    It is not permitted to sell a mobile home privately on Rockhill Park
    If mobile home owners wish to sell their mobile home privately they must first remove the mobile from the park. All outstanding bills must be settled before removing the mobile home. Alternatively Rockhill Park can sell your mobile home on your behalf but site fees will be due while the mobile remains on the park.
  46. All sales conducted on the site must go through the Rockhill park office.
  47. In the event of a mobile home owner wishing to sell their mobile home they must inform Rockhill Holiday Parks of their intention to do so in writing and may be required to provide the park owner or his representative with a letter of permission to enter and view the mobile home to prospective buyers.
  48. The proprietors reserve the right to refuse entry/offer renewal to any mobile home if in their view is not up to the required standard and/or is more than 14 years old.
  49. Hiring or letting of private mobile homes is not allowed. Any person found to be sub letting will be asked to leave the park and remove their mobile home within 7 days. If you have guests using your mobile home you must inform them they cannot collect resident wristbands for use on the park but can collect a guest band (see rule 18)
  50. Winter Storage
    The Holiday Home and any storage boxes must be securely anchored with chains and ground anchors.
  51. Gas bottles should be turned off for winter storage. PLEASE DO NOT STORE THEM INSIDE YOUR HOLIDAY HOME. Any gas bottles left outside your mobile off during the months of November through the Febuary will be removed and you will loose the gas cylinder and its contents. It is to dangerous to leave cylinders on site during the worst of the winter. Rockhill will not refund for any cylinder that we remove. If chained we will have to remove the chains using cutters, this will also not be covered.
  52. All windows, skylights and doors should be locked securely. (Insurance companies recommend that the curtains are left open and windows are not covered over when Holiday Homes are left for winter storage and that any valuable items are removed from the Holiday Home or put out of sight).
  53. If you owe Rockhill Park any monies on unpaid charges you will be in breach of your licence agreement. Owners could run the risk of their services being disconnected or being asked for their mobile homes to leave the Park.
  54. Insurance
    It is the owner’s responsibility to ensure the mobile home is adequately insured. Mobile homes must be insured against storm, theft, malicious damage or loss or damage how so ever caused as the proprietors accept no responsibility for such eventualities. We recommend that caravan wheels should be padlocked as a deterrent against theft.
  55. Holiday Homes are required by insurance regulations to be securely anchored with chains and ground anchors. These should be installed by recognised contractors.
  56. Valuables should not be left under a mobile home or in view inside the mobile home.
  57. Water connections (stop-cock) should be turned off when you are not using the mobile home. Outside taps are not permitted and will be removed and disposed off. Rockhill will not be liable for the cost of the taps or Gas cylinders or padlocks or chains.
  58. The water system in your mobile home should be drained before the winter, and drain-plugs taken out of the gas geyser to prevent damage from freezing weather.
  59. All serviced Holiday Homes must be covered by a current electrical certificate.
  60. All cars and their contents are brought and used on the Park at their Owners risk.
  61. Holiday Home Owners should be aware of flood risk (inundation by the sea) and their insurance should reflect this.
  62. Services
    Rockhill Holiday Park will maintain all services to include water and electricity (excluding television) TO your mobile home. Mobile home owners are responsible for the maintenance of ALL services/facilities WITHIN your mobile home. Mobile Home owners are also responsible for keeping the outside of their Mobile homes tidy from grass weed and rubbish.
  63. TV services are not the responsibility of Rockhill Holiday Park. Should mobile home owners require a TV service we would recommend contacting an external/independent TV contractor.
  64. Rockhill Holiday Park advises all mobile home owners ensure they have the relevant TV Licences.
  65. The proprietors reserve the right to utilize any fields for any purpose and entrances may be made for pedestrian access at the rear of any mobile home or touring unit for the purposes of reaching any facility.
  66. Grass cutting on the park and around each pitch will be undertaken by Rockhill Holiday Park. Residents should keep their own mobile area tidy and free from weeds and grass as it is difficult to get larger machines close to mobile homes due to TV wiring satellite dishes decking etc.
  67. Mobile home owner responsibilities
    Facilities on the park must be treated with respect and we would ask owners to convey these values to their children. Failure to adhere to this regulation will result in the owner and his/her family being asked to leave the park.
  68. Internal maintenance including but not limited to leaks, broken windows, burst pipes, geysers, and heating is the responsibility of the mobile home owner – any works should be carried out by a registered/CORGI approved contractor.
  69. Residents are not permitted to use Rockhill Holiday Parks staff to undertake work of any sort unless the work is booked and paid for through the park office. Work cannot be started unless booked and paid for through the office as we need written confirmation of resident’s requests directly.
  70. Rockhill Holiday Park is happy to assist residents with emergencies and provide mobile home owners with advice on securing the appropriate maintenance however due to the pressure of park work we are regretfully unable to engage in maintenance not previously booked into the work schedule.
  71. Mobile home owners are not permitted to have friends or relatives sleeping in cars, camper vans, tents etc overnight anywhere in the park or car park.
  72. Installation and removal of a mobile home and any resultant damage will be the responsibility of the mobile home owner and/or his representative i.e. the dealer or agent from which the mobile home is purchased GENERAL BEHAVIOUR – PARENTS PLEASE SPEAK TO YOUR CHILDREN ABOUT THESE ISSUES AND HELP US TO MAKE ROCKHILL A CLEANER, TIDIER AND QUIET PARK FOR ALL RESIDENTS. WE HAVE HAD ISSUES WITH THE FOLLOWING DURING 2013 SEASON CAUSED BY RESIDENTS ON THE PARK WHICH IS AFFECTING FELLOW RESIDENTS – WE ASK YOU TO HELP US ADDRESS THESE ISSUES – WE CANNOT DO IT WITHOUT RESIDENTS HELP.Management reserves the right to refuse admission to the Park or any part thereof or to require the removal from the Park of any person/people who may have contravened these regulations.

    Park Management reserves the right to amend or add to the Park Rules at anytime for the better operation of the Park.

  73. Mobile home owners (or members of their families) must not cause a nuisance or annoyance, nor allow other people using the Holiday Home to cause nuisance or annoyance to any other person/people using the Park. All children must be supervised at all times.
  74. Children should not be out in the hours of darkness without parental supervision as noise levels and acts of vandalism are on the increase by resident children (e.g. Pirate ship destroyed). Rockhill Park will not add any further facilities if children on the park do not treat park facilities and other residents with respect.
  75. Residents are respectfully requested to treat all members of Rockhill Holiday Park staff in a courteous and respectful fashion.
  76. All occupants of mobile homes are asked to conduct themselves with regard to the consideration of others and in particular to ensure that musical instruments, radios etc. are used in such a manner that they do not cause annoyance. If such annoyance persists after a warning by the park manager or his representative Rockhill Holiday Park reserves the right to terminate the residency.
  77. Parties/get togethers that cause any level of disturbance will not be tolerated.
  78. Vandalism will not be tolerated in any way shape or form, if any resident, their child, visitor or whoever is caught committing acts of vandalism the Garda will be informed and the offender and mobile owner will be asked to vacate the Park and pay for any/all damages.
  79. No person (resident or visitor) is permitted to come onto/walk around the site carrying alcohol. Failure to abide by this rule may result in the removal of resident and visitor from the park.
  80. No underage drinking or any substance abuse will be permitted and will result in the removal of the resident and mobile from the site. Attention parents – This has become a major issue during 2011 season. Do you know where your children are and who they are with at all times?
  81. Under age smoking is not permitted.
  82. Urinating anywhere on the grounds of Rockhill Park or car park is not permitted.
  83. Pyjamas are not permitted to be worn in public areas of the park i.e. outside of your mobile home or decking area.
  84. Wristbans are not to be swapped they are for owners children only
  85. Rockhill will close every November re opening February
  86. Due to abuse of the wristband we will have to introduce an id system details will follow.


Due to the large number of young children on the park safe and responsible driving is essential. All residents must adhere to the following policies:

  • The speed limit on or around the park is 10kph.
  • ‘Learner’ drivers are not permitted to drive around the park.
  • ‘Cruising’ around the park is not permitted.

We would ask parents to remind young drivers to be extra careful as there are a large number of toddlers and children walking or cycling around the park.


The policy on dogs is constantly under review. Failure to adhere to this policy will result in a NO Dogs Policy being implemented on the park.

Whilst we appreciate that some residents enjoy bringing their dogs to Rockhill Park we are extremely anxious that all dogs be kept under strict supervision and pose no risk to anyone. ALL DOGS MUST BE LICENCED AND EVIDENCE OF THE LICENCE MUST BE PROVIDED TO THE PARK.

  • Dogs must always wear a collar and identity tag.
  • Dogs must be kept on a lead at all times.
  • Dogs must be kept under the control of a responsible adult at all times – children are not permitted to walk dogs on Rockhill Park.
  • Dogs must not be left in accommodation unattended. It is not permitted to leave a dog tied outside the mobile home i.e. Dogs must be kept on a deck if outside.
  • Dogs and other pets are not allowed in any play area on the park.
  • These restrictions do not apply to guide dogs.

We reserve the right to require the owner of any dog or other pet to remove it from the Park if we consider it a nuisance or to be interfering with the general comfort of residents.

Certain types of dog are not allowed on any Carberry Holiday Park, in order to maintain the safety and well being of all our residents. These include, but are not restricted to, Pitbull Terrier, Alsatian, Rotweiler, Doberman, Dogo Argentino, Fila Brasiliero and Japanese Tosa.

Dog owners must clean up all foul after their dog
Dog foul poses a serious health risk to children on the park.


It is the responsibility of mobile home owners to see that their sites are at all times kept clean and tidy, recyclable materials are placed in the FREE recycling bins and the remaining household waste is disposed in the compactor. Please refrain from putting recyclable materials into the waste compactor. The price of the waste compactor token is €4 per use to encourage greater use of recycling facilities.

As per correspondence sent to you in October 2007:
No oil or grease from cooking is to be deposited down sinks or toilets. No sanitary products of any nature, to include sanitary towels, wipes or nappies are to be deposited down the toilet. This frequently causes blockages which inconveniences other mobile home residents and causes severe damage to the treatment plant/sewage system. – Grease traps and filters are installed around the park to monitor any resident who may be disposing of any such items down drains or sewers. Donegal County Council may charge offenders found to be carrying out dumping

Illegal dumping is not permitted. Anyone found to be dumping illegally will be prosecuted under
section 3.(1) of the protection of the environment laws.
Minimum fine €125.


Rockhill Holiday Park operates a complaints policy. If you are dissatisfied with any aspect of the park, its facilities, services or staff please forward these concerns in writing to the park owner, Chris Carberry at Rockhill Holiday Park, Kerrykeel,

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